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Dylan Shotwell of Iron Grip Dog Training

Dylan is a highly trained expert in dog training with an abundance of knowledge and experience in dogs and dog obedience. He’s received professional schooling in hands-on training, as well as continued studies in canine biology, ethology, and much more. He is certified by Highland K9 School for Dog Trainers as a Protection Dog Trainer. Dylan carries expertise working in almost every field of dog training. He has ample experience working with pet dogs, and he’s trained and worked with more than a dozen dogs in the personal protection and police fields. His training methodology originates from the most conventional, tried-and-true forms of training. He utilizes both positive reinforcement and some aversion therapy for truly effective and dependable training with every dog. Whether it’s for a household pet or personal protection, Dylan provides the most bang for your buck with his services. His drive for every client is to improve the quality of life for both you and your pet.

dog and owner posing

Iron Grip’s Commitment to Canine Care

Iron Grip Dog Training wants the best outcome for every client. We offer comprehensive training and obedience for dogs of various ages, breeds, and genders, all with outstanding knowledge and expertise. From household puppies to vigilant personal protection dogs, our training thoroughly prepares both the dog and the owner for a better life together. If you’re concerned with a high-energy puppy that won’t sit still, we work with them at your home to mold them into well-behaved and docile dogs ready for your command. Our services teach them the fundamental commands like sitting, heeling, and loose-leash walking for a happier and easier life together with their humans. Specialized training is available to ensure safety and behavior.

Ready to Help You & Your Four-Legged Friend

Iron Grip Dog Training services clients throughout Villa Rica, St. Clair County, AL, and Douglas County, GA with premium dog training for domestic companionship and personal protection. Give us a call today to discuss your dog’s obedience and training needs, and we’ll be happy to work with you.

Get Obedience and Personal Protection Training for Your Dog