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What is Our Puppy Foundations Course?

Our Puppy Foundations Course is designed for new pet to get started on the right foot. This course focuses on laying the groundwork for all your daily commands as well as socialization and behavior modification. If you are concerned with your little, new friend turning into a big issue this is your go-to plan! Also, for those with minor issues or just want a shorter plan, this is the course for you. There is no age restriction, but this plan is optimized for puppies! If you’re looking for more advanced training, feel free to check out our Standard Training Course and Premium Training Package!
We also offer a Daycare option! Scroll down for more info!

puppy learning to shake

What You Get:

  • Two weeks of drilling commands such as sit, down, place, come, implied stay, release word, kennel, and whatever else you need!
  • A custom plan fit for you and your dog’s needs
  • Socialization with dogs, livestock, and people
  • One FREE, scheduled visit while your dog is boarded
  • On-leash Obedience
  • Basic Behavior Modification (Jumping, Biting ,etc.)
  • Regular reports and/or pictures of your dog’s progress
  • A complementary DogTra IQ Plus Remote Trainer at our Trainers’ discretion
  • An Iron Grip Dog Training leash and Martingale collar
  • A Proffessional-Grade bath
  • Three Private or Online Lessons
  • Two FREE days of Boarding redeemable within a year
  • *The daycare option is for those not willing to leave their beloved pet somewhere else overnight, it includes all the same services, but you instead drop your dog off five days a week for an agreed upon shift of hours. You can transition at any time back to the standard course

What Do I need to Start?

  • Your dog must be at least 15 weeks old and up-to-date on vaccines with proof
  • Food for the stay
  • Your dog up-to-date on flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives
  • Your desired drop-off date and deposit
  • That’s all! Call us now to book!
Our Puppy Foundations Course is perfect for those looking to set higher standard of living with their dog in their early life. To reserve a spot a $200 non-refundable deposit is necessary. Looking for our highest value Board and Train? Have a look at our Premium Training Package! Are you a past client or just looking for a place for your pet to stay? Check out our Boarding or Refresher Course!

Get Obedience and Personal Protection Training for Your Dog