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Personal Protection Dog Training in Villa Rica, GA

Your safety at home is paramount to living comfortably, and a properly trained dog can make all the difference in a home invasion or other emergency situation. Iron Grip Dog Training transforms your dog into a loyal and dependable guardian of your well-being in Villa Rica, GA. Our personal protection dog training teaches your canine to safeguard your home and your personal safety. We perform this training at our kennels, where your dog is held for at least 16 weeks, and commonly longer. Along with the thorough training, your dog returns home with a Kong chew toy, a Dogtra remote collar, an agitation collar, glucosamine supplements, and a tug toy. Training will include work at the kennel, as well as at your home at times, and your participation is also required. The total cost for personal protection training is between $5,000 and $15,000, and the price could go higher in extreme situations. Think specifically about what you want out of this training, and that plays into what we teach.

german shepherd laying next to little girl

The Protection Training Process at Iron Grip

We’ll test your dog to gauge their potential and abilities for a fee of $50, which comes out of the total cost. We train them to the best of their abilities. Over the 16-week (or longer) period, we teach them top-tier commands and obedience like sit, heel, down, place, come, loose-leash walking, restroom on command, implied stay, tactical heel, out, and recall. The dog is also thoroughly trained to protect their owner in multiple situations (upon request). For example, some owners don’t want their dog guarding the house while they’re away, so we wouldn’t include that scenario as part of the training. Other training includes building search. So that you learn to handle your dog properly, we require you to visit the facility for several sessions, and some sessions will need to take place on your property. The payment structure is at least half the cost upfront and the other half when your dog is returned.

Well-Trained for Your Safety and Protection

Dylan of Iron Grip Dog Training has vast experience in training canine companions for the police and private citizens. Give us a call today for information about our personal protection dog training program in Villa Rica, GA.

Get Obedience and Personal Protection Training for Your Dog