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Six-Week In-Kennel Obedience Training in Sylacauga, AL

For dog owners who need training in the Sylacauga, AL area, our in-kennel obedience for six weeks program is a great value for thorough and dependable training. Iron Grip Dog Training takes in your dog for the six-week term and returns them with the correct obedience and behavior for a happier and safer life. Dylan of Iron Grip has extensive training and experience molding dogs into your household best friends. His expertise is wide-ranging to ensure your pet exhibits the appropriate actions and behavior. Training a dog yourself is time-consuming and not nearly as effective when you lack the knowledge and experience of a professional. Give your dog and yourself the best outcome in training with the care and expertise of Iron Grip Dog Training.

cute puppy dog

About the Obedience Training Program

The six-week in-kennel obedience program comes at a high-value price of $1,600, and you can reserve a spot for just $200, which absorbs into the overall cost. To make payment easier, you can pay half upfront and the other half when we return your dog. Our customizable training includes the essential commands of sit, down, place, heel, come, and going to the restroom on command. Additionally, they’ll be trained for loose-leash walking and implied stay. Your dog gets exposed to more social situations than the four-week training, which leads to better obedience in public places. All the commands get extra-reinforced over the six-week time period. When they finish the program, your dog receives a Dogtra remote collar, a Kong chew toy.

Your dog will be socialized with livestock such as goats, rabbits, and chickens.

Reliable Training after Six Weeks

Iron Grip Dog Training wants to help you have a happier and more successful owner-pet relationship with your dog, and that involves instilling the correct behavior and obedience in them. Our professional training gives you the control needed to keep your pet safe and dependable. Call us today to find out more about our six-week in-kennel obedience training in Mooth, GA, and schedule training for your dog.

Get Obedience and Personal Protection Training for Your Dog