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Sylacauga, AL Home Visit Obedience Training

What better way to train your dog than in the comfort of your own home? There’s no need to drive anywhere or crate your puppy in the back seat for a drive full of whimpering and crying. Iron Grip offers pet owners in Sylacauga, AL home visit obedience training for dogs under and over six months of age. We come to your home and teach your young pup the essentials of obedience and correct behavior, so you and your dog develop a healthy and dependable relationship. Dogs don’t have to be taken away from their homes to receive the training they need. It’s better for four-legged friends in their childhood years to have the familiar security of their home surroundings. Dylan of Iron Grip uses tried-and-true training strategies for dogs of all ages to learn the skills and obedience for the best owner-pet relationship. Our at-home training includes obedience commands only and does not include training for protection. However, we can teach your furry companion any obedience command you request.

puppy putting paw out to owner

At-Home Canine Training & Care

Iron Grip Dog Training provides training for puppies younger than six months old, as well as older puppies who exceed six months. We customize the training to fit your needs as the owner, so you get the commands and behaviors that best suit your lifestyle and companionship needs. We can teach your pet any obedience command you request, but we can also focus on learning the basic and essential commands like sit, come, heel, place, down, loose-leash walking, going to the restroom on command, and implied stay. We can teach them more commands on request or if they become a priority. Our training even rectifies a dog’s nipping or jumping issues. We recommend that dogs receive at least one or two sessions every week, and we bring remote collars, leashes, and other equipment with us for training, which are available for purchase. The rates for our home visit training are as follows:

  • Puppies under six months: $65 per session, additional cost for significant travel distance
  • Dogs over six months: $65 per session, additional cost for significant travel distance

Call for Expert Training That Comes to You

Your dog deserves the highly trained expertise and care of Iron Grip Dog Training right in your own home. It’s important to note that our at-home training is for obedience skills only and not for personal protection skills. Dogs must be at our facility for protection training. Give us a call today to discuss your pup’s obedience needs in Sylacauga, AL, and we’ll schedule visits to come to you with professional care.

Get Obedience and Personal Protection Training for Your Dog