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Regular grooming is an essential aspect of any dog’s health and should always be done by a professional to ensure your pet’s health and safety. However, most groomers, boarders, and pet stores overcharge for grooming services while still not giving crucial attention to the coat of your beloved companion. Here at Iron Grip Dog Training + we now provide grooming services at a highly-experienced level, with the greatest price and value you can find! Say no more to overpriced and underdone work and Contact Us now to schedule an appointment!

white and black lab

Our grooming services include a Full Groom, Nail Clipping, and Dental Clean. Our standard Full Groom comes with a conditioning bath, full trim and brush, and flea and tick removal & repellent. The Nail Clipping service will trim all nails including dewclaws with any nails being skipped at your behest. Dental Cleaning includes brushing, plaque removal, and chew to ensure your dog’s dental health stays in check. All services can be ordered separately and can be customized to your liking.

  • Full Groom $30
  • Nail Clipping $10
  • Dental Cleaning $35

All grooming services can be added to any Dog Boarding or In Kennel Training.

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